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Jackpot 15 Terms and Conditions

Jackpot 15 prize of 35,000,000 LRD is won if all fifteen (15) predicted 1, X or 2, selections are correct.
The cost of Jackpot 15 entry is 75 LRD however is subject to change.
The Jackpot 15 main prize will be shared equally between all the Jackpot 15 winners if there is more than one winner across all territories that we operate in.
Runner Up Jackpot 15 prizes will apply as follows however are subject to change:
Fixed Prizes Per player

14/15 : 75,000 LRD
13/15 : 37,500 LRD
12/15 : 3,750 LRD
11/15 : 375 LRD

Only 1 Prize will be allocated per entry, so should an entry predict 14/15 correct they will only win the 14/15 runner up prize and not be entitled to the 13/15, 12/15 or 11/15 bonus. Same rule applies for a Jackpot 15 winner or any runner up prize.
Players can place a Jackpot 15 Bet with two options on a single game, known as Double Chance bets.
Each Double Chance selection will count as an additional single jackpot entry
Calculation of the number of a Double Chance combination bet is equal to 2n (where n is the number of Double Chance combinations). For example, 5 double combinations will be equivalent to 32 (2*2*2*2*2) single jackpot entries.
The maximum amount of Double Chance Selections you can have is five (5) from the list of fifteen (15) games. Therefore, you can have a maximum of 32 different single Jackpot entries placed at the same time on one Jackpot per player.
Jackpot 15 can only be played Online.
Entries are accepted up to the scheduled kick-off of the first match of the Jackpot 15.
Bonus Money or Free Bets cannot be used to place Jackpot 15 bets.
Jackpot 15 Bets cannot be cancelled or amended once placed.

Settlement, Abandonments and Postponements

All match settlements are based on the result at the end of regular time. This includes any added stoppage time but does not include extra time and penalty shoot-outs.
Please note that settlements for Jackpot 15 games might take up to 24 hours.
In case of a postponement/abandonment, the Company will have the right to wait for 24 hours for the match to start/resume
If 3 or more of the events are postponed/abandoned and are not played within 24 hours from initial KO time, all pending tickets will be cancelled and players stake returned.
In case of 1 or 2 postponed/abandoned matches do not continue within the next 24 hours from initial KO time, the Jackpot round will still be valid – However the jackpot amount will be divided by the favourite odds from the postponed/abandoned matches. For example –

If only Crystal Palace vs Fulham is postponed/abandoned – The 35,000,000 LRD jackpot will now be 17,241,379.31034483 LRD – 35,000,000 LRD ÷ 2.03
If only Crystal Palace vs Fulham & Aston Villa vs Liverpool are postponed/abandoned – The 35,000,000 LRD jackpot will now be 10,324,179.22775139 LRD – 35,000,000 LRD ÷ (2.03 x 1.67)
In these cases consolation prizes will remain unaffected

If the scheduled venue for a match is changed, this match will be voided only if the new venue is a home ground of the original away team. Matches changed to a neutral venue will stand regardless of which team is listed as the home team.
Official Jackpot 15 results will be posted online and on Social Media Platforms where applicable.
The period for claiming the prize of Jackpot 15 is seven (7) days. After this period, we may deem the prize forfeited, unless the period is extended, at our sole discretion.
Winners of all Jackpots shall be required to present themselves to our offices with proof of identity before any payment is made. We reserve the right to verify the identity of all Jackpot winners with relevant authorities from player identification documents presented before final payment is made.
It is a condition of accepting the Jackpot prize that you consent to your image being recorded and your name being used for future publicity and marketing campaign for the game.
We reserve the right to withhold all of the prize money won until you present yourself for the prize presentation ceremony.
We reserve the right to pay the whole amount of any prize share to a winner by cheque or bank transfer.
All Jackpot 15 winnings and subsequent Jackpot 15 bonuses are subject to local taxation. Therefore, the actual pay-out you will receive may be reduced by the tax amount.