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You’ve tried the rest, now play the best! For all lovers of crash games such as Aviator, Spaceman and Rocketman comes a new and exclusive game to Premier Vegas – Navigator!
Like Aviator before it, the straightforwardness of Navigator is what helps make it such a great game: simply place your bet, watch your money multiply alongside the plane flying upwards, and cash out before the plane flies away!

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How to Play Navigator Game:

Here is how to play Navigator:
1) Login to your Premier Bet account
2) Open the Navigator game
3) Choose your desired stake amount by using the up and down arrows to increase/decrease your stake.
4) Place your bet by clicking the BET NOW button before the next round begins.
5) You can make up to two bets simultaneously (of the same or differing amounts) potentially increasing your winnings.
6) You can choose Auto Betting to add the number of rounds you would like to bet on automatically.
7) Once the round begins, the plane will take off, with the scale of the multiplier continuing to grow as long as the plane remains in sight.
8) Your potential win will be your total stake multiplied by the coefficient of the plane multiplier (up to x250,000!). This number will be shown on screen throughout the course of the plane’s flight.
9) Cash out before you crash out! You must decide at which point to cash out, otherwise you risk losing all of your stake if the plane flies away before you do so.
10) You can set an Auto Cash Out multiplier amount, if selected your bet will automatically be cashed out at the set multiplier amount on each bet, if the plane does not fly away before this multiplier level is reached.
11) Repeat the game if you want to try again! You can increase, maintain or decrease your stake by however much you want before every round begins.

How to win real money with the Navigator game:

Navigator is an exciting game of risk: the longer you wait during the plane’s flight, the more money you can win.
However, given that Navigator is an endless game, players can win real money quickly and easily by erring on the side of caution; continuously cashing out at an early stage of the plane’s flight could gradually increase your bank over a period of time, although choosing how early is entirely your call.
There is always a chance that the plane flies away before you are quick enough to cash out, so even a safety first strategy does not come without an element of risk.
Other users may opt for a higher risk, higher reward strategy when it comes to making their Navigator bet, biding their time in hope of a huge multiplier payout. If you take this approach, the chance of losing your stake is increased, but your payout could end up being worth it in the end through sheer persistence and a bit of luck!
Ultimately, winning real money with the Navigator game is a simple yet engaging experience regardless of how you decide to play it. Read on for some more detailed tips and tricks about how to play Navigator.

Navigator game tips and tricks:

Navigator is a rewarding game to play; not only because of how quick, simple and stimulating it is, but also because it can pay out big wins through a solid strategy and an element of fortune along the way.
Here are some ways that may help you beat the Navigator game:

Make use of your double bet and automated bet options
Navigator has some interesting staking and cash out options to make use of in order to improve your experience of playing, and potentially maximise your winnings.
The double bet feature allows you to stake two separate bets on the same round. These stakes can be the same or differing amounts, potentially helping cover any losses by cashing out one early, while allowing the other to fly for a longer period of time.
The auto bet feature will ensure that you do not miss any rounds, as you can enter your stake and have the peace of mind that, for up to 10 consecutive rounds, you will be entered until you decide to stop. You can change the stake amount – or turn off the auto bet feature – at any point between rounds.
Likewise, Navigator’s auto cash out feature provides the option to stipulate an auto cash out amount in terms of the multiplier. This can be set at anything from 2.00x to 100x, allowing you to target an automated amount of profit from your stake. Again, this can be modified or removed at any point, although only to affect the following round.

Use the live statistics
Navigator also features a live statistic function, where you can see how many bets have been placed on the current round. The amount staked on each bet is also shown. This is available within the ‘All Bets’ tab.
Next to this tab is ‘My Bets’, where you can track your previous bets. Here you can see the time that your bet was placed; the amount you waged; the multiplier the plane reached; and for how much money you cashed out (if applicable).
Lastly, under the tab named ‘Top’, you can also check the biggest multipliers that the plane has flown to within the last few days, providing a useful target should you wish to target a big win.

Use the reverse Martingale betting streak
One strategy some successful players take up when playing Navigator is the ‘Martingale’ betting streak, which involves halving their stake after a loss, and doubling their stake after a win. This can help build serious streaks of winning momentum, while mitigating risk in the event of repeated losses.

Make sure your internet connection is strong
Last but not least, it may sound a little like an IT technician telling you to “turn it off and on again,” but there is nothing worse than a game freezing mid-action. A poor internet connection could cost you the opportunity of cashing out.

Commonly Asked Questions About Playing Navigator

Navigator was specifically designed with a mobile friendly design, making it easy to play it from anywhere and everywhere. Plus, due to the mechanics of the Navigator game, there are more frequent wins!

The Aviator game is real, but it is based on a predetermined virtual simulator, which is explained in more detail below. All winnings from the game are real. Essentially, it is best to think of Aviator as a classic arcade game, but one from which you can win real money.

Aviator’s plane takes off at a predetermined rate based on the coefficient generated by an honest random number generator before each round. This could be 1.01x or x99.99x. It is based on cryptographic technology called “Provably Fair,” which can be checked before each round within the game settings. This technology guarantees 100% fairness of the game result; it is impossible for any third party to manipulate the game process. The result of each round is not generated on Aviator’s servers; instead, it is generated from data of the game operator and three round players. Anyone can check and confirm game fairness using the “Provably Fair” tool within game settings. To expand, the round result is generated from four independent participants of the round: the game operator and the first three betters of the round:
1) The game operator is the generating server seed (random 16 symbols).
2) Hashed version of this server seed is available publicly before the round starts (in user menu, check “Provably Fair Settings” and then “Next server seed SHA256”).
3) Client seed is generated on the side of each player, and when the round starts the first three bettors are participating in generating the round result.
When the round starts, the game merges server seed with three client seeds. From merged symbols comes the generated SHA512 hash, and from this hash – the game result.

Given that the Aviator game is randomly generated, there is no pattern. This ensures that each round is unique and keeps the game engaging and fresh for all players, with the peace of mind that it is a fair process for all.