Vegas Hero wins 60,015,000F CFA!

Published: 7 July, 2021

Crazy Time Winner

Crazy Time is one of our most popular games because it gives our players so many ways to win!

That’s what one player did this week when they placed 120,000F CFA during the game and won 60,015,000F CFA!!!

How do you play Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is easy to play!

Crazy Time has a main money wheel featuring multipliers and four exciting bonus games! Every round the hostess will spin the wheel; before she does this, you can place your bets on which segment will be highlighted once the wheel stops spinning.

The rounds are fast and exciting, which means that there is always an opportunity to win.

How do you win with Crazy Time?

Every round begins with a spin of the main money wheel. If you’ve correctly placed your stake on the segment that is highlighted at the end of the spin, your stake will be multiplied by that amount! For example, if you place your bet on ‘5’ and ‘5’ is highlighted at the end of the spin, you will receive 5x your stake.

There’s also a Top Slot that generates a multiplier for a random spot on the wheel. This spins at the same time as the main money wheel – if the highlighted segment on this matches the one on the wheel, that multiplier will be added!

That’s not all – there are bonus games, too! These unlock new multipliers and could earn you up to 20,000 times your stake!

How did this player win with Crazy Time?

Our latest hero picked up their winnings on the ‘Pachinko’ bonus game. This game was unlocked when the Pachinko segment was highlighted on the main money wheel at the end of a spin.

In this game, the hostess drops a disc down a wall. At the bottom of the wall are segments with different multipliers. The players will win the multiplier in which the disc lands. If the disc lands on a ‘DOUBLE’ segment, all the multipliers will be doubled and the hostess will drop the disc again!

You can understand how our player was able to win so much cash here!

Try Crazy Time today and see whether you can celebrate a big win of your own!