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Every week we have a betting challenge, where the top 25 players will win a share of 1,110,000F CFA in cash prizes. This week it’s an ESports Challenge, with prizes for players who accumulate the most winnings across seven days (min stake 288F CFA and min odds 1.5).

Step 1
Place your ESports bet
Step 2
Get points for winnings
Step 3
Climb the leaderboard to win a Cash Prize!
Money Bag

Will you be our Betting Champion for this week and win the first prize of 166,500F CFA? We are setting you a challenge and if you are one of our top 25 players who feature on the leaderboard, you will win a share of the 1,110,000F CFA cash prize pool.

The Weekly Winners ESports Challenge runs from Friday 26th to Thursday 1st April.

This week we have an ESports Challenge. To earn points for the leaderboard you must place bets on any ESports markets. Simply place a bet of at least 288F CFA with minimum odds of 1.5 and for every 575F CFA you win, you will receive 1 point. The higher your winnings, the more points you will earn to climb the leaderboard and win one of the cash prizes!

*Final leaderboard standings are displayed. Prizes will be added to players’ accounts within 72 hours.

Place Username Points
1 A******at 7,399
2 2******109160 3,800
3 2******56620 2,697
4 2******33852 2,497
5 2******424544 2,282
6 A******e2017 2,094
7 2******8552 1,470
8 2******8298 1,172
9 2******78253 1,089
10 2******4587 1,060
11 2******557668 966
12 2******990467 950
13 S*****1 924
14 2******89882 841
15 2******31445 813
16 2******59484 768
17 2******0427 712
18 2******618646 710
19 2******521127 699
20 2******18221 645
21 2******352778 616
22 B**a 605
23 2******664917 583
24 2******19113 546
25 2******062466 518

You can view the leaderboard for the In-play challenge here.

Promotion Period
  • The Weekly Winners In-Play Challenge runs from Friday 26th March 00:00 to Thursday 1st April 22:59.
  • Any bets or wagers placed outside the promotional period above will not qualify for this offer.
Leaderboard Points
  • The total returns within an ESports winning bet placed and settled within the promotional period will earn points, with 1 point for each 575F CFA in winnings. For example if you place a bet and your total returns are 2,775F CFA, you will receive 5 points. If you plce 3 bets with total returns of 2,775F CFA each and all win, you will receive 15 points.
  • To qualify, bets must be placed with a minimum stake of 288F CFA and minimum combined odds 1.5.
  • Bets can be placed on any ESports markets, single or multis, pre-match and in-play.
  • Only cash wagers will qualify (bets placed with bonus funds or Free Bets will not count).
  • Cashed out or void bets will not count.
  • System bets will not count.
Leaderboard Prizes
  • The 25 players with the most points accumulated during the promotional period will be featured on the leaderboard.
  • The prizes for the weekly winners challenge will be:
Place Prize
1 166,500F CFA
2 111,000F CFA
3 97,125F CFA
4 83,250F CFA
5 69 375F CFA
6 55,475F CFA
7 52,725F CFA
8 49,950F CFA
9 47,175F CFA
10 44,400F CFA
11 41,625F CFA
12 38,850F CFA
13 36,075F CFA
14 33,300F CFA
15 30,525F CFA
16 27,750F CFA
17 24,975F CFA
18 22,200F CFA
19 19,425F CFA
20 16,650F CFA
21 13,875F CFA
22 11,100F CFA
23 8,325F CFA
24 5,550F CFA
25 2,775F CFA

  • The leaderboard will be updatedT from Monday to Friday. The final leaderboard will be updated every Friday showing winning players and prizes.
  • Cash prizes will be paid out within 72 hours of the Leaderboard being finalised.
  • Players can only win a maximum of one prize for the week.
  • Cash prizes have 0x wagering, and will be instantly withdrawable.
  • This is a network promotion across participating sites.
  • We reserve the right to void scores, or not pay out a prize, where all or part of the score results from any obvious error, mistake or technical fault (including incorrect game payouts) whether caused by a machine or human error in respect of any of the participating games.
  • We further reserve the right to void scores, or not pay out a prize where, in our opinion, all or part of the score results from cheating or collusion with other players.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw and/or change these promotional terms and conditions at our sole discretion, and any decision with regard to the winnings offered.
  • We may, at our sole discretion, exclude any customer from receiving selected promotions and any other promotions and offers.
  • General T&Cs apply.